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Wills, probate and power of attorney

Death is naturally uncomfortable to think about, especially your own. But uncomfortable or not, it will happen one day, and perhaps without warning. It’s important to be prepared, and the time to act is now. We’re here to support you and make these preparations easy to understand.

Wills and probate

The laws of intestacy (when you die without a will) may lead to a different outcome from the one you would intend. A properly drafted will can ensure that your wishes are carried out, and for instance, your choice of family, friends or charities can benefit.

Lasting powers of attorney

Even while you’re alive, you may lose the ability to make and communicate your own choices. To avoid an expensive application to the court, before you reach this position, you can appoint a suitable friend, loved one or trusted person (including members of this firm) to manage your affairs. Granting someone power of attorney to make decisions on your behalf may help to ensure you get the care you want and keep your finances well-managed for yourself and future generations.


Think ahead for your loved ones

Writing a will is one of the most important things you can ever do. Without one, you have no control over who inherits your property. Do you have items you want to give to specific people? What if you live with someone to whom you’re not married? To make sure your loved ones get what you want them to have, you need to make a valid will.

The formalities governing the making of a valid will are complex. If you fall foul of this it could mean your wishes may not be carried out. You need competent legal advice when you make a will and also with regard to the signing and witnessing of it.

Your will should be reviewed regularly.

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Resolving disputes

Sometimes people challenge a will, claiming that it’s out of date or invalid. With our legal expertise, we deal with such matters as quickly and effectively as possible. We can refer you to the right experts if the matter proceeds to litigation.

Preserving health and welfare

Sadly, through accident or old age, you may find yourself in a position of deteriorated health. When you are unable to tell doctors or carers how you want to be treated, your attorney can make representations on your behalf. We can advise you on the possibility of legitimately mitigating Care Home costs.

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Areas of expertise

Management of affairs
Powers of attorney

Wills & Probate Department – Guide Prices Only

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Standard basic Will* 250.00 50.00 300.00
Standard basic Will with Mirror Image (for couples)* 375.00 75.00 450.00
Codicil 175.00 35.00 210.00
Codicil with Mirror Image (for couples) 225.00 45.00 270.00
Will with Life Interest Trust 375.00 75.00 450.00
Will with Life Interest Trust with Mirror Image (for couples) 495.00 99.00 594.00
Will with Discretionary Trust or a Disability Trust 450.00 90.00 540.00
Will with Discretionary Trust or a Disability Trust with Mirror Image 595.00 119.00 714.00
Powers of Attorney
Ordinary Power of Attorney or Delegation of Trust 200.00 40.00 240.00
Enduring Power of Attorney Registration (from) 350.00 70.00 420.00
Lasting Power of Attorney Registration 250.00 50.00 300.00
Lasting Power of Attorney PFA or HW preparation & Registration 395.00 79.00 474.00
Lasting Powers of Attorney (PFA & HW) preparation & Registration 595.00 119.00 714.00
Mirrored Lasting Powers of Attorney (PFA or HW) & Registration 595.00 119.00 714.00
Mirrored Lasting Powers of Attorney (PFA & HW) & Registration 950.00 190.00 1,140.00
Court fee for each Lasting or Enduring Power of Attorney (if payable) 82.00 N/A
One Will & one LPA PFA or HW 545.00 109.00 654.00
One Will & both LPA PFA or HW 795.00 159.00 954.00
Mirror Wills & One Mirror LPA PFA or HW 895.00 179.00 1,074.00
Mirror Wills & Mirror LPA both PFA & HW 1,095.00 219.00 1,314.00
Other services
Notice of Severance of Joint Tenancy with a Will & registration at Land Registry 100.00 20.00 120.00
Declaration of Trust (Conveyancing) from 350.00 70.00 420.00
Deputyship Application from 950.00 190.00 1,140.00
Deputyship Application Court Fee (if payable) 365.00 N/A