Costs Information

The costs information set out in this section are intended to be as accurate as possible, but is only a guideline based on the instructions given at the time of the retainer. Thus if the nature of the work or additional work is required we will be entitled to make an additional charge but we will let you know what this is going to be.

Usually domestic conveyancing is done a fixed fee. The basis of a fixed fee is the consideration involved i.e. sale or purchase price, the complexity of the matter, type of transaction (for instance a newbuild, help to buy) and the timescale. Thus a transaction which has to be dealt with in a very short timescale may be charged at a higher amount than one which goes through in the normal course.


Domestic Conveyancing Rates.

We have a minimum fee of £550 plus VAT upwards depending on the price and other matters mentioned above. You can obtain an estimate of charges however before you instruct us. In addition there may be other items for which we charge which may not be apparent at the time of the estimate. The details of these are set out below in link 2.

Please note if you already own a property or have an interest in another property anywhere in the world you will be liable for additional stamp duty (currently 3%). The rules with regard to additional payments are complicated and we would need to advise you of the position at the outset of the transaction.

You also have to pay Land Registry fees. These vary depending on whether the application is made by post or online. Properties up to £1,000,000.00 vary between £40 to £270 if the application is made online.

You are also likely to have various searches carried out. The combined Local, Environmental and Drainage Search is in the region of £189.80. Other likely disbursements are official copy register entries £3 and plan £3 and copies of documents £3, bankruptcy search £2 per person, OS1 £3. From time to time it may be necessary to carry out further searches dependent on the particular property or obtain further information (for instance management information in the case of selling leasehold properties) and we would obtain the price for these at the time and let you know.

Our conveyancing is by experienced conveyancers who each have a team of assistants who can help with enquiries if the person dealing with the matter is not available.

Our firm has specialised in property work for a very long time. We offer a personal service but combine this with use of up to date technology.



The basic process on a purchase is:

  • Review the Contract and title documents
  • Raise enquiries on the paperwork
  • Submit searches (e.g. Local Search)
  • Await mortgage offer (if applicable)
  • Once searches, replies to enquiries and mortgage offer received, prepare report letter for client.
  • Client signs all documents
  • Contracts exchanged and completion date agreed
  • Mortgage money applied for
  • Final searches done
  • Completion – you can move in
  • Stamp Duty paid and transfer registered at Land Registry


Timescale For Services

It is almost impossible to predict how long any particular transaction will take. In the case of a domestic property transaction the average would be six to eight weeks. A commercial property transaction will depend entirely upon the circumstances and it is impossible to give an average timescale.


Private Client Work

This includes Wills, Probate and Lasting Powers of Attorney and Trust work and anything ancillary. Generally we will agree a fixed price for a Will (see link 1). However in the case of a Will which is more complicated, work may be done on an hourly rate or a higher fixed fee agreed. With regard to Probate we may agree a fixed fee in the case of applications for a Grant only. Any further work would be at an hourly rate. Generally Probate work is done at an hourly rate.

With regard to the administration of Trusts this is charged at an hourly rate. For Lasting Powers of Attorney a fixed fee will be charged plus disbursements ( see link 1).

A fixed fee for obtaining a Grant only of the Probate is available. This would usually be £750 plus VAT where a short Inheritance Tax form can be used and between £1,000 and £1,500 plus VAT where a long Inheritance Tax form is necessary. There are also disbursements payable (see link ) It is very difficult to give a typical price for winding up and Estate as this depends on such things as the number and type of assets, the number and type of beneficiaries (e.g. charities) whether there is property to sell and especially how often the executors/beneficiaries contact us. A starting point on a relatively simple Estate could be £2,950 - £5,000 plus VAT.

Preparation of a Will – We would aim to prepare a draft Will within two weeks of instruction.

Administration of an estate - While we would aim to do this as quickly as we could, there is no obligation to complete an estate for a year in case of potential unforeseen claims on the estate. The timescale involved will depend very much on the number and types of assets of the estate (where there is a residence this can often delay an estate being wound up if the property is difficult to sell) and the number, type and whereabouts of the beneficiaries.

Lasting Powers – We aim to prepare a draft of these within three weeks of instruction.


Hourly Rates:

Caroline Stennett, Solicitor - £250 plus VAT

Vanessa Fielding, Solicitor - £250 plus VAT

Lindsay Taylor, Solicitor - £250 plus VAT

Lisa Geraghty, Associate, FCilex- £250 plus VAT

Angela Scouller, Solicitor - £250 plus VAT


Wills & Probate Department – Guide Prices Only


Which Document




Standard basic Will* 250.00 50.00 300.00
Standard basic Will with Mirror Image (for couples)* 375.00 75.00 450.00
Codicil 175.00 35.00 210.00
Codicil with Mirror Image (for couples) 225.00 45.00 270.00
Will with Life Interest Trust 375.00 75.00 450.00
Will with Life Interest Trust with Mirror Image (for couples) 495.00 99.00 594.00
Will with Discretionary Trust or a Disability Trust 450.00 90.00 540.00
Will with Discretionary Trust or a Disability Trust with Mirror Image 595.00 119.00 714.00
Powers of Attorney
Ordinary Power of Attorney or Delegation of Trust 200.00 40.00 240.00
Enduring Power of Attorney Registration (from) 350.00 70.00 420.00
Lasting Power of Attorney Registration 250.00 50.00 300.00
Lasting Power of Attorney PFA or HW preparation & Registration 395.00 79.00 474.00
Lasting Powers of Attorney (PFA & HW) preparation & Registration 595.00 119.00 714.00
Mirrored Lasting Powers of Attorney (PFA or HW) & Registration 595.00 119.00 714.00
Mirrored Lasting Powers of Attorney (PFA & HW) & Registration 950.00 190.00 1,140.00
Court fee for each Lasting or Enduring Power of Attorney (if payable) 82.00 N/A
One Will & one LPA PFA or HW 545.00 109.00 654.00
One Will & both LPA PFA or HW 795.00 159.00 954.00
Mirror Wills & One Mirror LPA PFA or HW 895.00 179.00 1,074.00
Mirror Wills & Mirror LPA both PFA & HW 1,095.00 219.00 1,314.00
Other services
Notice of Severance of Joint Tenancy with a Will & registration at Land Registry 100.00 20.00 120.00
Declaration of Trust (Conveyancing) from 350.00 70.00 420.00
Deputyship Application from 950.00 190.00 1,140.00
Deputyship Application Court Fee (if payable) 365.00 N/A



Link 1 - Schedule of fees PDF

Link 2 - Additional fees payable PDF